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Martor Safety Cutters

The safety knives as we identify them to be are innovative, easy and safe to use with versatile features. It is designed keeping safety in mind of the users, as the first priority wherein a job can be done faster without being conscious of getting hurt. It is a perfect tool for increasing competence at your workplace, while it works with equal efficiency on both the light materials and on the most heavy-duty ones. It offers intelligent, injury free, safe cutting, including all that professional users, require. The blades used for these cutters are effectively sharp. They have a round tip, are break resistant and have really long service lives.

Safety technologies include:

  • Concealed Blade (Maximum Safety SECUMAX): The cutter is based on the concept of an obscured blade. Here the blade is not to be opened for its use. It is concealed in a way that it does its job effectively while very cleverly protecting your hands and goods at the same time. It protects the goods from abrupt slashes and prevents cut injuries of the hands to a bare minimum, at the same time
  • Fully Automatic Blade Retraction (Very High Safety SECUPRO): This is again a very smart cutting tool wherein the blade of the cutter automatically goes back or retracts back into the cutter as soon as the blade leaves the surface of the material it has been working on. An intelligent act done by the cutter on its own without you having to do anything about it.
  • Automatic Blade Retraction (High safety SECUNORM): This cutter range belongs to another degree of safety. Here, while the cutting is in the process, just remove your hand and let go off the slider, the blade of the cutter will disappear into the handle the moment it loses contact with the material on which it is being used.

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