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Become An Affiliate

Refer Your Colleagues, Friends, Family Members or anyone you know in the Safety Industry & Get Rewarded

Spread safety technology from a wide range of products. Use your voice to inspire people with the Saurya’s Affiliate Program & Earn with us for every successful referral or promotion.

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How it Works


Its free and easy to join. Apply today for our Affiliate Program designed specifically for experts in the safety industry & influencers out there.


REFER: If you know anyone that can benefit from our products, you can apply for the affiliate program and share essential details with us.

PROMOTE: Choose from over a thousand safety products listed on Saurya’s website & promote using the hashtag #SafetyFirst #TeamSaurya
Whether you are a large network, social media blogger or influencer or content site, we would love to join hands with you.


Earn up to 10% on every successful referral, when your referral makes a purchase from us.
Influencers: To know more, get in touch with us.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

The Affiliate Program is referring someone who can buy any or all products offered by Saurya HSE Pvt Ltd. Earn top commissions when we make sales. 

Or, if you are a large network, social media blogger, an influencer or a content site promote us and we’ll reward you.

All you need to do is fill details at “Become an Affiliate”

You provide details, we follow-up with the lead & once it’s converted you’ll earn. For every successful/unsuccessful conversion you’ll get an update on your registered email id with us.

There is no limit. The more conversions you provide, the more you get rewarded.

30 days from the day we receive full payment from your lead, your reward will be shared in the form of Amazon Gift Voucher.