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Allpax Gasket Cutters

During maintenance and repairs, not having the right gasket on hand can be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive. One can purchase a new gasket but it is going to be a time-consuming process. Keeping a complete inventory of replacement gaskets is costly and sometimes gaskets are damaged in storage too. Understanding the need of industry, Saurya Safety has introduced an extensive range of Allpax Gasket Cutters that are used at a global level in the food processing, hospitality, hospitals, institutions, manufacturing, marine, paper & packaging, petrochemicals, primary metal, and many more.

Gasket Cutters Style includes:

    • Extension-Style Gasket Cutters: Ideal for fabricating gaskets in the field! Cut flange gaskets up to 61” diameter. Secure, comfortable grip with easy-to-read, engraved scales assure precision cuts. Kits include gasket cutter, blades, and accessories. Particularly effective for cutting materials such as rubber, fiberglass, and cork.
    • Rotary-Style Gasket Cutters: Ideal for fabricating gaskets in the shop! Cut multiple, same-size, flange, and ring gaskets up to 62” diameter. Hand-crank or motorized models are available. Model M3 is recommended for cutting non-metallic sheet gasket material. Model SM4 is recommended for metallic sheet gasket material.
    • Punches and Hammers: Quickly and easily punch precision bolt holes in flange gaskets with Power Punches. Hollow Punches are also ideal for small diameter ring gaskets. Dove-Tail Punches are perfect for fabricating interlocking dove-tail joints in flange gaskets. Dead Blow Hammers are ideal for use with hole punches. Shot-loaded head reduces rebound and absorbs impact. Balanced feel. Soft face reduces marring and noise.

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