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About Us

We, Saurya, with our extensive experience in the personal protection sector, recognize the importance of a healthy, safer and greener environment. Therefore, we intend to focus on and deliver value-added solutions and technological advances to our customers to increase efficiency and productivity.

Company Overview

We are an independently owned provider of personal safety solutions for the industrial and service sectors. Backed by an enriching and long experience of 2+ decades in manufacturing, designing, production, and distribution of firefighting and safety equipment. We decided to cast the net wider to encompass larger areas of coverage in Health, Safety and Environment.

In this endeavour we will continue, as always, to stay true to our culture of bringing forth globally renowned solutions of quality, integrity and economy to our customers.


Saurya’s mission is to provide holistic safety solutions and advanced technologies that protect indispensable assets, your people of an organisation.


We aim to be one of the worldwide leaders in manufacturing and distribution of value – driven products and innovative technologies in protecting Health, Safety and Environment sector.