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Guardair Pneumatic Vacuums

The Pneumatic Cleaning Solution (PCS) is a safe-to-operate vacuum designed to clean dust, powders, and debris off workers’ clothing, machinery & equipment & from other surfaces thereby eliminating the dangerous practice of self-cleaning with compressed air.

The high-efficiency compressed air powered vacuums are safe to use and engineered to provide effective cleaning while maintaining safety standards. Pneumatic products offer significant advantages in performance, dependability, safety, and life-cycle cost over conventional electric-powered vacuums.

It has no moving parts nor it has any electric motors that can cause a fire/burn. The Pneumatic Vacuums are safe in almost any wet environment. Available in various models such as Standard Pneumatic Vacuums, Hand-held Pneumatic Vacuums, Static Conductive Pneumatic Vacuums, Hazardous Location Pneumatic Vacuums (Atex Certified), Industrial HEPA Vacuum Cleaners & Wall-mounted and Specialized Vacuum Systems.

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