24v Portable LED light solutions for confined spaces by Atexor | Saurya

Atexor 24v Portable LED Lightings Solutions for Confined Spaces

Emergency lighting systems from Atexor are specifically designed for illuminating the hazardous areas of confined spaces during shutdown and maintenance. These portable lights are 24V EX proof power distribution systems which are very safe and effective.

With an ISO 9001:2008 quality certification and ATEX approval for Zone 1 and Zone 21, Atexor products contribute to being far better than just ex-lights. These lights with an advanced LED – technology and improved temperature Class T4, have a long life with superior performance and high illumination.

The parameters that define Atexor lights go on to acknowledge it for having SafeEye® that makes the output of the beam of the LED lights, spread smoothly without significantly reducing lumens.

EM FUNCTION – Both the products of Atexor- i.e. The SLAM® and MICA® series offer Ex lights with EM function. The lights have a battery backup solution in case there is a power failure.

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