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Löwe Industrial Shears

Introducing the range of industrial shears cutters from the world’s first Anvil Cutter innovator “Original Löwe”. The range of pruning shears cutters are engineered in Germany, ideal for sharp edge cutting, eliminates the process of saw type cutting at the workplace by its quick one go cutting feature. This feature helps in eliminating the residue created from saw-type cutting tools. Keeps your workplace clean & safe from unwanted residue entering the other process carried out at the workplace. This specialty shears tool stands for durability, robustness, and straightforward design that supports 45° & 90° cutting.
The steel used in the shears cutter blades is made to Original Löwe own specifications in German steelworks. The combination of this unique steel alloy and a hardening process tailored to its precise characteristics gives the blades their unrivaled strength. Precision cutting shears tools includes Anvil Cutters, Mitre Cutters, Cutters for Sealing Profiles, Lever Cutters, Cable Duct Cutters, Tube & Hose Cutters, Trapezoidal Blade Cutter & more.

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