Industrial Shears – Hose Cutter – Model No. Lowe 5.504

Industrial Shears – Hose Cutter – Model No. Lowe 5.504

The hose cutter with a triangular blade provides cutting capacity up to a diameter of 28 mm for corrugated pipes and soft hoses at a right angle. The triangular blade plunges precisely into the material, without crushing it, gives sharp edge cutting. Provides exact and perpendicular cutting of corrugated pipe at the crest or trough of the corrugation. Suitable for Left & Right-Handed Operators. Replacement parts are available upon request.


  • Suitable for PVC pipes and hoses.
  • Ideal for sharp edge cutting, a replacement for saw-type cutting.
  • Eliminates the residue created from saw-type cutting tools, as this cutter cuts the material in one go.
  • Made in Germany.
  • The steel used for Original LÖWE blades is made to LÖWE’s own specifications in German steelworks.
  • The combination of this unique steel alloy and a hardening process tailored to its precise characteristics gives the blades their unrivaled strength.

Product Details

Height: 23 cm
Weight: 270 grams



Diameter Maximum: 28 mm

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