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What is Tank Bottom Corrosion?

Corrosion is the breakdown of materials due to chemical reactions. It is usually oxidation with air molecules and happens often in the presence of water, observed as iron rust, which tends to appear at the bottom of the vessels through rainwater accumulation etc.

Companies spend huge amounts of money to build storage tanks, hence their maintenance becomes a big cause of concern for them.

While nobody can fight back or prevent the stipulations of nature, to which these bottom of the tanks are exposed to, like excessive sunlight, dust, winds or rainfall, but yes the whipping effects can be reduced by taking proper precautions.

Here, we introduce an effective solution for the prevention of Tank Bottom Corrosion through rain water intrusion and accumulation – at the bottom of the tanks.

Tank Bottom Corrosion
Corrosion Caused at Tank Bottom
Water Flow from Slide SKirt

Slide Skirt – The source-oriented approach to rainwater entering tank bottoms.

A breakthrough innovation to tackle the problem of rainwater getting into tank floors and prevent it right at the source.

Slide Skirt is a revolution among floor protection features, for storage tanks as it largely consists of standardised prefabricated segments that can be assembled or dismantled without any ‘hot work’.

How is Slide Skirt Designed?

Slide Skirt is produced from high-quality polyester reinforced PVC fabric that is clamped around the tank circumference using aluminium extrusion profiles.

Slide Skirt Design

Installation Steps:


  • Lay out the aluminium rail around the tank.
  • Slide the segments in the custom-made aluminium rails.
  • Segments will be attached by matchmaking profiles.
  • Slide Skirts becomes heavier as the chains/sandbags will slide into the matchmaking profiles, to make sure it stays at place during wind and rain.
  • Anodised aluminium rails will be sealed to become waterproof. 

The profile fittings are installed around the tank in a way that they are watertight and sound. Hence, when the rain falls, the profiles (Slide Skirt) smoothly flows away the excess water and prevents it from accumulating around the circumference of the tank, thereby leaving no scope for corrosion.