Techniche - Cooling Vest, Jacket, Cap, Beanies & Coolpax Cooling Jacket

Techniche Cooling Jacket

Cooling Jackets are a reliever from the scorching heat and the oodles of sweat that our workers drain out every single day while working in the heat and humidity of the plant. These jackets serve the purpose of cooling our workforces, variably increasing their work efficiency for longer hours without exhaustion.

Techniche Cooling Jackets are of two types:  

  1. Water-based Cooling Jackets: These cooling jackets have a unique fabric that absorbs water and then slowly releases it through evaporation, thereby giving the cooling effect and relieving the wearer against heat stress. 
  2. Cooling Jackets with inserts: These Cooling Vests are designed to provide targeted temperature cooling, using Phase Change Cooling Materials (PCM) sealed in polyurethane.

Water-Based Cooling Jackets: Hyperkewl Technology

Cooling Jackets with Inserts: Coolpax Technology

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