Emergency Escape Chute Evacuation System by Axel Thoms | Saurya


 Instant evacuation of people out of high-rise constructions

Why to have escape chute?

Today, when the buildings have become taller and higher, our rescue for safety in case of emergencies like an abrupt fire, becomes all the more unapproachable and difficult, the elevator does not work and the stairwell is full of smoke – that is when you are trapped. It is really scary to vacate an edifice via an overcrowded staircase when there is a fire. A chute is undoubtedly, a better option as not much of mechanical assistance or electricity is required for its functioning. Acts as a secret hide-out escape route during terrorist attacks or as an escaping tool during natural calamities like earthquake or fire.

The place we live/work in, is a pride for the members of the premises and the last thing that you would want for them, is to be victims of an unfortunate fire tragedy or other emergencies due to non- availability of sufficient escape exits, blocked staircases and lift shutoffs.

Keeping the above in mind, we at Saurya would like to present Kudos Emergency Escape Chutes technology by Axel Thoms Germany which would be an ideal solution in the event of a fire, where it efficiently brings occupants safely to the ground in the first few minutes giving your people the confidence, that they will have an avenue to escape in these dire circumstances.

Benefits of the system:

  • Rapid and safe evacuation
  • Possible evacuation of more than 15 people per minute
  • Equally suitable for handicapped, unconscious people, infants and pregnant ladies
  • Height of 100 meters and more is possible in a single chute
  • Confirms a controlled, stable and smooth sliding process
  • All escape chutes over 15 m are equipped with a ground anchor to resist wind movement
  • The Escape Chute is delivered with a 15-year guarantee based on annual maintenance


  • It requires a small installation area
  • It is permanent and compact
  • Has a smooth sliding
  • Visual cover
  • Guaranteed to bear high load
  • Secure load distribution
  • The weight of chute is approx. 1.4 Kg per meter
  • It has a strong and robust fabric
  • It’s powerful against the wind


  • Office Towers, Hospitals, Schools, Kindergartens, Public Spaces
  • Old Historical Buildings and Private Homes/Properties
  • Department Stores, Tower Constructions
  • Oil Rigs, Gas, Nuclear, Public and Private sectors

Making of the Escape Chutes:

The escape chute consists of either two or three layers:

  1. The First Layer is an internal spiral sliding layer controls reduction of speed. It is designed in a spiral form to allow a controlled descend


  1. The second layer is made for bearing load; The weight load is supported by 5 independent belts. Each individual belt has a load capacity of minimum 2.900 kg (breaking load), maximum 3.400 kg, hence load capacity is of 14 tons. Alternatively, for very light and small descent, it can be supported by one belt for economy purpose


  1. The third layer is an outside layer made for Oil & Gas industries to control the heat, as an outer protective layer is heat and flame resistant up to 800°C


Both inner and outer layer are German made special constructions purposed for the use in our Escape Chute to ensure high stability and durability. The fabrics are compliant to standards DIN 4102 (B1) and DIN 5510-2 which certify that they are water repellent, UV-resistant and flame retardant.