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Internal Emergency Escape Chutes


These Chutes are installed within a designated shaft of the building near the staircase. Here the drop of the chute for rescue, is pushed down inside the building.

The Internal escape chutes can be installed at every alternate floor, if you would like to rescue and vacate people from different floors in case of emergencies.

  • The frame of the chute is made of MS + Hot dip galvanize coating.
  • The maximum length of the chute that we can offer is 112 meters, along with proper valid certifications.
  • An internal Escape Chute is packed in a metal box made of SS 304 so that it does not rust.
  • One major advantage of an Internal escape chute is that you have an option for the rescue of your employees at every alternate floor.
  • Designed as per 5 belts or 1 belt, depending on the length of the chute and keeping in mind the safety measures.

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