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Kudos FR & Arc Protection Suits

Westex by Milliken is the largest producer and a premier brand of flame resistant & electric arc protection clothing fabrics, which minimize burn injuries and work for the safety of your workers against flash fires and arc fire, in turn decreasing their fear of exposure to such hazards.

Flash Fire

A flash fire is a sudden, intense fire caused by the ignition of a mixture of air and a dispersed flammable substance such as a solid, flammable or combustible liquid, or a flammable gas.

Arc Flash Fire

An arc flash is a dangerous release of energy created by an electrical fault. The release contains: “Thermal energy, Acoustical energy, Pressure waves & Debris”

As mentioned above, fire has the utmost contagious parameters of the threat to life, it is a very complex range, where safety needs to be defined with utmost care.

Industries like oil & gas, chemical, and petrochemical etc. are very easily prone to Flash Fire and Arc Flash exposures, with possible temperatures of 35000 °F. The quick and intense energy of a flash fire or an electric arc flash can burn the skin directly.

The solution to protect yourself from Arc & Flash Fire:

In such an oppressive exposure like this, flame resistant (FR) clothing could provide a level of thermal protection that could self-extinguish the intensity of the fire and give those precious seconds to escape, limiting the potential for serious burn injuries.

Hence, we at Saurya joined hands with Westex by Milliken and introduced UltraSoft flame resistant fabric to the Indian markets under our brand name – Kudos, which provides protection and comfort with 100% guarantee.

Westex Fabric Suits from Kudos
UltraSoft Fabric

Features of Westex UltraSoft Fabrics:

  • 88% Cotton and 12% High Tenacity Nylon
  • Guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment
  • Soft feel for enhanced comfort
  • Multipurpose protection from electric arc flash, flash fire, molten ferrous metals and welding exposures
  • 75%+ extended garment wear life
  • Double shrunk technology
  • Excellent value equation
  • Certifications – NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E, EN ISO 11612

Flash Fire Test on Westex Ultrasoft Jacket & Pants

Arc Flash Test on Westex UltraSoft Jacket & Pants

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