Industrial ergonomic trolley & aluminium hand truck by Expresso | Saurya

Expresso Ergonomic Industrial Trolley

The trollies or hand trucks from Expresso are made to support your workers in easing off manual weight lifting tasks and help them to gear up with the speed of work that they perform. The trollies are made of high strength aluminium alloys and are customized keeping in mind various necessities of the industrial sector. So, we have a trolley for almost every heavy-duty material that is tough to carry with bare hands.

It is not a generalized standard hand truck instead, it is an explicit logistic application. The making of these trucks with aluminium alloys is such, that the trucks are 50% lighter with a far higher loading capacity. The trollies are a grade higher in ergonomics and are made of a modular system of components which are perceptibly of a high grade, uniform quality & unrivalled length of service life. The parts can individually be replaced, when they are worn out – saving you the cost of a whole new trolley as a whole.

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