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Multi Function Hand Trucks Model 634 636 21

These trollies are meant to carry high value and unpackaged goods safely. They have protection profiles that serve to protect the load and secure sensitive goods from slipping sideways.


  • The frame of the trolley is made of quality aluminum elliptical tubes which provide top stability as the tubes are made of high strength special alloy.
  • Our trolley is 50% lighter in weight than the steel trollies those are being used in industries.
  • The trolley comes with ergonomically shaped ear handles made of hand-friendly exlan plastic with the integrated handguard. They always allow an upright posture, easy driving in the centre of gravity, relieve the hand muscles and prevent injuries.
  • More safety when delivering: The support skids make it easier to overcome curbs, steps, and small steps.
  • The trollies are easier to tilt even with heavy loads because of the curved shape of the axis. This also prevents the foot from slipping off.
  • Damage and dirt on sensitive loads is avoided by the wheel guard that is made of Exlan plastic.

Product Details

Load capacity: 300 kg
Empty weight: 15.5 kg
Axle width: 600 mm
Overall width: 665 mm
Height: 1400 mm
Foot plate: 120 x 510 mm
Wheel ø: 260 mm

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