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Jet-Kleen Personal Blow-Off & Drying System

In collaboration with Jet-Kleen, Saurya brings de-dusting, cleaning and drying system for people, machines and industrial objects

Also known as the Personnel Cleaning Station or an Air shower, it is a safe & an effective means for removing, extracting and collecting residue such as dust, fiber, water and more – from people, surfaces, or work environments.

Research reveals that compressed air is widely used as an alternative for this blow-off system for cleaning and drying. But compressed air (brings danger with it that can harm someone’s lives) carries with itself dangers – that could even be life-threatening.

So, here we are introducing a high-performance mechanical initiative, that works completely safe without the dangers of compressed air.

Key Highlights:

  • JET KLEEN de-dusting system is appropriately recommended for eradicating, gathering and blowing off dirt and fragments from workers’ workwear and machinery.
  • It works on a blower driven principle, with no usage of compressed air.
  • Evident hints of dirt and dust are gone in just a matter of seconds
  • It is almost 90% more economical than using compressed air.
  • Energy consumed is relatively less and the emission of noise is further even less.
  • The unit evenly distributes a huge volume of filtered air at a much lower pressure, which is more than enough to remove dust and debris effectively and safely, even when exposed directly to bare skin.
  • The lower level of pressure – perfectly entails and complies to OSHA standards.


It is available in two types: Jet-Kleen™ and Jet-Kleen Limited™

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