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Jokari brings to you a range of tools that will make working with wires way easier than it is at present. It is a technology for Cable Stripping and Dismantling where these wire strippers ease out on the hazards like cutting, twisting, stripping and crimping. The TUV and GS certifications of the wires ensure and guarantee the safety of your workforce.

Having a valuable experience of more than 50 years in development, they have scaled themselves up, to be specialists in providing tools for nearly all the necessities that arise while manually stripping of cables and wires. We have an extensive range of professional tools that have come under one roof together, to meet with all the applications and requirements of this segment for faster, simpler and precise working.

Jokari Product Range

Cable Knives:

The main application of a cable knife is stripping all standard round cables. The tool is systematically made and the blade is set such that it automatically repositions itself from cutting around, to cut along the sheath/wire for a smooth cable stripping. All the cable knives are made of special Titanium-Nitride coating (TiN) which upgrades the blade by giving it a longer life, faster-cutting speed, and less erosion.

Cable Strippers:

The Cable strippers in our range are very comfortable and effective to use and thus, they are a necessity on every building site. Their ease of usage and the high-end quality impresses the users a great deal. With these Strippers even tight and hard to reach areas are reachable and can be worked upon effortlessly and with ease.

Wire Strippers:

When it comes to industries, a lot of applications require their wire strippers to work with extreme perfection and precision. They are a great help for the construction of switch-boards, cabling purposes, mechanical and plant engineering. They can be used smoothly and safely even in hard to reach places as the strippers are ergonomically designed for fatigue-free and recurring stripping.

Micro-precision Wire Strippers:

In places where small batch production, prototype construction, quality control or after sales services happen, fine and thin wires are in use on a daily basis.  They are manually stripped, cut, soldered or assembled. Hence to avoid the damages that happen while stripping of the fine wires, a compact range of strippers, covering 18 types in 3 patterns has been designed. Lightweight, easy to handle, safe and exact: these Micro Precision Wire Strippers have their unique way to solve these problems.

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