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Coppus Portable Ventilators for Confined Spaces

Portable Ventilators and Reaction Fans by Coppus offer effective cooling solutions while working in confined spaces during shut down / maintenance for faster degassing of tanks, extraction of fumes and personnel cooling with high efficiency, that not only increase the ventilation and safety for the people working in confined spaces but also help them perform resourcefully. 

Coppus has been serving the Industry for more than 90 years, and they have been recognized as one of the most reliable and powerful Industrial air moving equipment. They are basically used for supplying fresh air, equipment cooling, drying of paints/coatings etc.

  • Air driven Portable Ventilators: These are portable lightweight ventilators, which are used in confined spaces, where electric fans have limited scope. (They work by the usage of compressed air)
  • Air Driven Reaction Fans: Here compressed air is discharged through nozzles located at the tip of the fan blades at high-flow. Rugged, cast aluminium housing make these fans ideal for hazardous locations and demanding ventilation projects. 
  • Electric Driven Ventilators: They offer a fixed guide vane design that delivers high volumes of air while maintaining static pressure for exhausting fumes and delivering fresh air.

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