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Coppus Flexible Air Duct

We offer a large selection of flexible air ducts for various ventilation application needs. Our most popular Flexible ducting is made from non-porous FR, anti-static, waterproof reinforced material from polyester fabric with PVC coating on both sides.


  • Ducting provided with heavy spiral spring steel wire reinforcement held in position with the help of welded PVC extruded section on the outer periphery of the ducting.
  • Used for both exhaust and blower applications.
  • Ducting provided with hooks for hanging and suitable leak-proof PVC couplings
  • Available diameters: 8-inch (203mm) 12-inch (304.8mm) 16-inch (406.4mm) 20-inch (508mm) and 24-inch (610mm); larger diameters available upon request
  • Available lengths: 10-Meters, the duct can be coupled together for longer runs. Customized size can be supplied on request

Specifications (all varieties):

8’’ Duct: suitable for 3S-HP, 3-HP Jectair

12’’ Duct: suitable for 6-HP Jectair & RF-12 Reaction Fan

16’’ Duct: suitable for 8, 9 Jectair & RF-16 Reaction Fan

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