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Coppus Marine Ventilators, Steam, Air & Water Turbine-Drive Ventilators

COPPUS marine ventilators are rugged, dependable cargo tank ventilators that have served the shipping industry for many years. They are ideal for on-board gas-freeing, drying and ventilation operations and are available in supply or exhaust models.


Steam / Compressed Air Turbine Drive Models

C-12A Supply: Delivers 5,350 cfm (9,090 m3/hr)
C-12A Exhaust: Delivers 4,600 cfm (7,815 m3/hr)
C-15A Supply: Delivers 8,400 cfm (14,275 m3/hr)
C-15A Exhaust: Delivers 6,500 cfm (11,040 m3/hr)



  • Cast iron turbine housing with aluminum cover
  • Bronze turbine wheel / stainless steel turbine blades/nozzles
  • Spark-resistant cast aluminum fan and fan housing
  • Stainless steel fasteners, studs and protective screen


Water Turbine Steam Models

C-12AWC Supply: Delivers 5,000 cfm (8,495 m3/hr)
C-12AWC Exhaust: Delivers 4,700 cfm (7,985 m3/hr)
C-15AWC Supply: Delivers 7,400 cfm (12,573 m3/hr)
C-15AWC Exhaust: Delivers 5,700 cfm (9,769 m3/hr)



  • Anodized cast aluminum motor housing, impeller, inlet/outlet connections
  • Grease sealed, lubricated stainless steel ball bearings
  • Stainless steel fasteners and protective screen

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