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Beverage Hand Truck Water Bottle Carrier Model 2015 25+1228

The trolley is for efficient and convenient transport of up to five water bottles – the individually foldable carrying attachments (load capacity 30 kg each) also permit mixed loads.


  • Safety handles protect the hands during travel through tight aisles and when maneuvering between vehicles. The handle tubes, without the use of glue or screws, permanently and securely engage the handle.
  • Elliptical aluminum tube frame made from special high strength alloys for high stability and load capacity, reinforced in the primary load area which is 50% lighter than steel.
  • For all hand trucks with angled skids and starting at a height of 1300 mm.

Product Details

Load capacity: 300/30 kg
Empty weight: 21.5 kg
Axle width: 440 mm
Overall width: 560 mm
Height: 1300 mm
Foot plate: 300 x 305 mm
Wheel ø: 260 mm

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