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Drum Handling Trucks Model 3 301 21 (Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized)

Drum handling is made easy. Large, heavy drums up to 500 kg can be moved with great ease. The unique triangular plates facilitate flexible to use since they permit the safe transport of drums with a wide range of dimensions.


  • Steel, hot-dip galvanized: The trolley has a stable, robust steel construction with corrosion protection.
  • Safety handles protect hands when driving through narrow aisles and when maneuvering between vehicles. The handles go without the aid of adhesives or disruptive screws, as the connection is permanently fixed with the handle tube.

Product Details

Load capacity: 450 kg
Empty weight: 17.0 kg
Axle width: 620 mm
Overall width: 760 mm
Height: 1530 mm
Foot plate: 280 mm
Wheel ø: 260 mm

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