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Tyre Transport Trucks Model 546 810 25

The tyre truck can be used to easily and quickly transport up to eight tyres or fully assembled wheels. All of this is accomplished without effort since the stack is ideally located at the centre of gravity while moving.


  • The frame is made of an aluminum elliptical tube made of high strength special alloy for top stability and load capacity.
  • Our trolley is 50% lighter in weight than the steel trollies those are being used in industries.
  • Glass fiber reinforced, curved cross-connection: The trolley comes with high safety standards as it made of special alloy with positive connections at the spar. The upper cross strut serves as a handle for transport by stairs.
  • The curved shape of the axle makes it easier to tilt even with heavy loads and prevents the foot from slipping off.
  • The retaining shears can be easily opened or closed with two handles.

Product Details

Load capacity: 200 kg
Empty weight: 19 kg
Axle width: 510 mm
Overall width: 530 mm
Height: 1650 mm
Wheel ø: 260 mm

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