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Beverage & Dual Stack Hand Trucks Model 243 212 21+1046

These beverage and dual-stack hand trucks are made to transport sensitive goods in a safe manner. They come with closed-ear handles with a handguard.


  • The frame of the trolley is made of quality aluminum elliptical tubes which provide top stability as the tubes are made of high strength special alloy.
  • Our trolley is 50% lighter in weight than the steel trollies those are being used in industries.
  • The trollies come with ergonomically shaped ear handles made of hand-friendly exlan plastic with the integrated handguard. They always allow an upright posture, easy driving in the centre of gravity, relieve the hand muscles and prevent injuries.
  • It comes with skids that offer a practical and safe transport of loads on staircases or on steps.
  • The trollies are easier to tilt even with heavy loads because of the curved shape of the axis. This also prevents the foot from slipping off.
  • Damage and dirt on sensitive loads are avoided by the wheel guard that is made of Exlan plastic.

Product Details

Load capacity: 200 kg
Empty weight: 12.8 kg
Axle width: 440 mm
Overall width: 500 mm
Height: 1300 mm
Foot plate: 180 x 190 mm
Wheel ø: 260 mm

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