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Coolpax Cooling Jacket 6626


  • Coolpax products are designed to provide targeted temperature cooling using Phase Change Cooling Materials (PCM) sealed in polyurethane
  • There is no freezer burn, condensation or fluctuating temperatures with PCM and they last longer than water-based vests
  • Comfortable cooling in all conditions
  • Coolpax can be activated in an environment where the temperature is below 14 deg°C (freezer, cooler etc); Once solid, the inserts cool by absorbing heat away from the body, thus maintaining an area of 14 deg°C within the vest
  • No airflow is required, ideal for humid environments or under heavy protective gear
  • Chemical based cooling using PCM
  • PCM is lighter than water – 70% the weight of water
  • The vest weighs approximately 5.5 lbs

How to use it?

  • Freeze the cooling inserts in the freezer for Approximately 35 minutes
  • Keep the inserts in the pockets of the jacket
  • Wear the jacket

NOTE: Coolpax inserts typically last 2-3 hrs; Repeat the process when the inserts come back to their normal temperature


Lightweight, easy to activate, and durable
100% cotton vest, with a thermal liner

Product Details

Sizes: in M/L & L/XL sizes available
Colors: Blue
Closure: V-neck w/ zipper closure, hook and loop girth and side/shoulder adjustments

Accessories for Coolpax Phase Change Cooling Jackets:
Cooling Inserts Set For Coolpax 6665v:

Safe, effective, and comfortable
Use additional inserts for continuous relief saving intermittent refreeze time
Maintain a comfortable 58°F (14°C) for up to 3 hours
Made from a high strength polyurethane
The set comprises of 4 set phase change cooling inserts
Cooler Bag:

Used for storing inserts, for proper maintenance of the product

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