Industrial Shears – Lever Cutter – Model No. Lowe 50.130

Industrial Shears – Lever Cutter – Model No. Lowe 50.130

A Lever Cutter with stop faces at 45° and 90°. Suitable for larger-sized slats made of wood, plastic, PVC, rubber, profiles, cable channels, and many more. 130 mm length of the cut, for large-format rails and profiles in a wide variety of materials. Suitable for Left & Right-Handed Operators. A replacement blade is available upon request.


  • Suitable for 45° & 90° cutting application.
  • Ideal for sharp edge cutting, a replacement for saw-type cutting.
  • Eliminates the residue created from saw-type cutting tools, as this cutter cuts the material in one go.
  • Features large size cutting of material.
  • Made in Germany.
  • The steel used for Original LÖWE blades is made to LÖWE’s own specifications in German steelworks.
  • The combination of this unique steel alloy and a hardening process tailored to its precise characteristics gives the blades their unrivaled strength.

Product Details

Height: 58 cm
Weight: 3600 grams



Height Maximum: 30 mm
Breadth Maximum: 130 mm

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