The SLAM SPLITTER EX HIGH TEMP is a convenient portable splitter to be used as a part of any temporary lighting system in hazardous areas. This High Temp model can be used in temperatures up to +55°C. It is EX-certified with a single certificate for all components. The certification also confirms the exceptional portability of the SLAM SPLITTER EX – you can move the splitter even while connected to power supply. With a wide range of supported voltages, the splitter can be used in any configuration, before or after transformers. Select two are the standard four sockets to fit your needs. The standard 10 meter input, also custom-orderable to any length, is easily wrapped around the splitter for easy transport.

This is the only EX-certified splitter on the market with a soft shell as opposed to steel frames. This makes it extremely durable and long lasting. An ergonomic design with built-in handles and shoulder strap makes the SLAM SPLITTER EX easy to carry.


• Ex-certified for zones 1 and 21. Temp class T4
• 2 or 4 ATX sockets (other sockets upon request)
• Easily storable input cable
• Wide range of voltages (12–24–42VAC, 110–230V)
• Portable and ergonomic design
• Extremely robust construction
• Operating temperature up to +55°C

Product Details

• Ingress protection: IP66
• Operating temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C
• Supply voltage: 110V or 230V +/- 6%
• Supply current typical : Max. 16 A
• Maximum load : 230V (3680W), 110V (1760W)
• Weight: 10,5 kg
• Surface materials: Dissipative elastomer, aluminium
• Variables : CEAG Ex socket outlets. Supply cable type
and length upon request. Plug upon request.
• Certification (equipment certificate): Ex II 2 G Ex e d
Ex II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db

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