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Slam Trafoex Hazardous Area Transformer

A portable step-down transformer for providing temporary low-voltage power distribution to explosion hazardous areas.

The TrafoEX was designed with servicing in mind. A fuse change takes barely one minute. These transformers are also easy to stack and store. The sturdy frame keeps the transformer box well protected while providing lots of carrying options and secure stacking.

Fully tested and ready for use on arrival, the TrafoEX is ideal for setting up lighting in many applications, such as tank cleaning, confined space entry, aircraft maintenance, tunnel, and sewer maintenance.


  • ATEX and IECEx certified
  • For temperatures up to +55 °C
  • Extremely wide range of voltages available
  • Available with the linking option
  • Available with 2 or 4 socket outlets
  • Portable SLAM® TrafoEX step-down transformer is certified according to the latest ATEX and IECEx standards
  • Available for 110V or 230V mains supply voltage, TrafoEX delivers 12V, 24V or 42V low-voltage to Ex equipment
  • Standard options include two or four sockets (ATX or CEAG)
  • These can be modified to include a special socket for linking transformers, allowing you to use several transformer units for large low-voltage lighting setups
  • This is ideal for servicing and maintenance projects where process downtime needs to be minimized

Product Details

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 585 x 295 x310mm
  • Certification (equipment certificate): ATEX:
    II 2 GDEx eb IIC T4/T3 Gb
    II 2 Ex tb IIIC T70°C Db
    Ex eb IIC T4/T3 Gb
  • Certificate Number:
    ATEX: EESF 20 ATEX 014X
    IECEx: EESF 20.0003X
  • Ingress protection: IP66
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C
  • Supply Voltage: 110VAC or 230VAC
  • Output Voltages: 12VAC/24VAC/42VAC
  • Output Current: Max. 16 A
  • Power: 400VAC
  • Weight: 19kg (with 4 sockets)
  • Surface Materials: Aluminum case, stainless steel frame
  • Options: 2 or 4 Ex socket outlets (types upon request); special socket configuration for linking; supply cable type and length upon request; plug upon request

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