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The MICA® ML-601 is a compact and versatile signaling lamp that has gained popularity in industries like railways, subways, traffic safety, firefighting, and search & rescue. It features a main white LED and a signal array with 12 independently controlled LEDs, visible over a distance of 1.5 kilometers (1 mile). With a powerful rechargeable battery, it provides up to 6 hours of focused light output, and its advanced micro-controller safeguards against overcharging and deep depletion. The ML-601 offers adjustable lighting with a Stepless dimmer and a separate button for precise signaling. Its robust construction, including a splash-proof orange Polymide housing, ensures durability, and customization options are available. The lamp is compatible with the MICA® MLC Fast Charger for convenient recharging.


  • Up to 6 hours of continuous use
  • 12 LED signaling array
  • Built-in emergency function
  • Visible Over 1.5 Kilometers(1 Mile)
  • Long Service Life
  • MICA MLC Fast Charger

Product Details

  • MODEL : ML-601
  • Operating time : 6 hours, main LED
  • Beam type : Spot beam
  • Lens : Tempered glass 41,5 mm x 3,2 mm
  • Enclosure : High impact polyamide
  • Weight with battery :0,275 kg
  • Dimensions :Approx. 122 mm (H) x 64 mm (W) x 57 mm (L)
  • Charging time : 1 h 45 min

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