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A comprehensive SLAM® solution is available when you need a movable electrical distribution system to Ex-hazardous job sites. Thanks to SLAM® cables and cable reels you can bring the electrical distribution close in one safe and fully certified package. Suitable for supply voltages (up to 230V) and all major Ex-sockets available.

The SLAM® Cable Reel 16EX gives you a long distance power source in hazardous job sites with 1 or 2 sockets and maximum 80m output cable. It ensures electrical distribution in an easily portable and safe way.


• EX-certified for zones 1 and 21
• Completely ATEX-certified as equipment
• Important element for setting up temporary
• SLAM-lighting systems
• Reel equipped with proper antistatic wheels
• Part of system ATEX- certification of SLAM Tank Sets

Product Details

• Ingress protection: IP66
• Supply voltage: 12VAC/VDC, 24VAC/VDC,
• Operating current: 16A (max)
• Cable lengths: Small reel 15–50 m cable
Big reel 50–80 m cable
• Dimensions: Small reel 460 x 550 x 275 mm
Big reel 580 x 720 x 325 mm
• Variables: 1C: With one Ex-socket
2C: With two Ex-sockets
• Cable types: Orange: PUR
Yellow: Metal braiding + PUR
• Certification: II 2 G Ex e d IIC T4 Gb
II 2 D Ex tb IIIC 120°C Db
IP 66

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