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MICA® IL-800 ZONE 0 & ZONE 1

MICA® IL-800 ZONE 0 and ZONE 1 are all-purpose high-quality handlamps specially designed for use in explosion-hazardous areas and in the harshest conditions. Thanks to the ergonomic dual-mode switch, the user can choose between long operating time and extreme light output. Robust, anti-static construction with a tempered 5mm lens, this lamp will not let you down when it is most needed. The MICA IL-800 floats if dropped in water.

The advanced electronics prevent deep discharge of the battery and indicate low battery charge. When battery power is getting low, the beam starts to blink at 15-second intervals. Both Zone 0 and Zone 1 models are available with the MICA® emergency function (EM). When the IL-800 with EM-function is in the charger, it detects a power outage and turns on automatically. The MICA® IL-800 is compatible with MICA® ILC4 chargers that can recharge an empty IL-800 unit in less than 6 hours and even in +40°C. The MICA® IL-800 may also be ordered with special CRI-90+ LEDs for better color rendering.


• Three high-power CREE LEDS
• Up to 200 Lumens guaranteed over LED lifetime
• Optional emergency function (EM) and blink mode (BK)
• ATEX / IECEx to Zone 0 and Zone 1 areas
• Temperature classification T4
• Robust IP67 housing
• DNV Type Approval Certified

Product Details

• Certification il-800 zone 0 : TÜV 10 ATEX 7878
IECEx TUR 11.0008
• Certification il-800 zone 1 : TÜV 10 ATEX 7879
IECEx TUR 11.0009
• Gas zones il-800 zone 0 : Zones 0, 1 and 2
• Gas zones il-800 zone 1 : Zones 1 and 2
• Dust zones : Zones 21 and 22
• Temperature classification : Gas: T4
Dust: 100°C
• Ip rating : IP67
• Light source : 3 high luminous Cree LED’s
• Power source : 6V Rechargeable NiMH battery
• Operating time : Full power 6 h, low power 12 h
• Operating temperature : -20 °C to +40 °C
• Weight : 1,1 kg

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