Plastic Utility Tool with Brush – Model No. N845

Plastic Utility Tool with Brush – 1¼” X 6″ – Model No. N845

Lightweight, economical, Plastic Utility Tool is the ideal accessory for cleaning floors or other flat surfaces. Polypropylene bristles prevent damage while delivering superior vacuum power. The brush slides on and off for easy cleaning. It is compatible with 1¼” vacuum hose accessories.


  • 6″ wide high-grade plastic brush holder
  • Removable brush assembly with 0.5″ polypropylene bristles
  • Outlet: 1″ ID
  • Color: Grey


Product Contains:

  • 5″ Wide Plastic Utility Tool with Brush for 1″ Vacuum Hose




Model Number Dimensions
(L” x W” x H”)
Weight (lbs)
N845 13 x 12 x 5 0.2


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