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Metal Squeegee Tool – Model No. N692S

Metal Squeegee Tool – 1½” X 14″ – Model No. N692S

Quickly dry wet floors and suck up excess water with the Metal Squeegee tool. Replaceable neoprene blades won’t mark up or damage surfaces, while a lightweight aluminum body provides ease of use and lasting durability. It is compatible with 1½” vacuum hose accessories.


  • 14″ wide aluminum body
  • Replaceable neoprene squeegee blades
  • Outlet: 1″ ID



Product Contains:

  • 14″ Wide Aluminium Squeegee Tool for 1″ Vacuum Hose



Model Number Dimensions
(L” x W” x H”)
Weight (lbs)
N692SW 12 x 8 x 32 4.4
N692S 12 x 8 x 20 2.4


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