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As fragile as the SECUMAX VISICUT may appear, it is a really sharp cutting tool. And a popular advertiser too. If you look closely, it is like a business card with an in • built quality blade. So why not also your new business card? Your name, logo and your claim printed on it would always be there when your customers, friends and partners open their letters with it.                                                                                                                                                                       •  Concealed blade for high level of safety
•  Protects operator and product simultaneously
•  Polycarbonate body
•  Long nose for easy cut initiation
•  Disposable, no replacement blade

Product Details


Knife size (L x W x H) :  70 x 3 x 42 mm
Main Material :  Plastic
Weight :  8.0 g

Technical Features

Maximum SafetyCutting DepthDisposable KnifeErgonomicFor Right and Left HanderLanyard HolePrintable for Promotional PurposesCutting depth (4mm)

Cutting Materials

EnvelopeLayers of foil or paperTapeWrapping, stretch, and shrink foilYarn, cord

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