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Struggling with floor labels or stubborn residue? The SCRAPEX CLEANY is here to make your life easier. Crafted from durable plastic, this handy scraper is designed for convenience. With its practical slider, you can effortlessly extend the blade for use and then retract it for safe storage. Plus, changing the blade is a piece of cake. Say goodbye to sticky messes on smooth surfaces and say hello to the SCRAPEX CLEANY – your cleaning partner.


GOOD HANDLING: The end of the handle is rounded so that it doesn’t press into your hand. The grooves on the slide and in the front handle area also make your work easier. The integrated blade magazine is comfortable too.

TRANSPORT SAFELY: You don’t just release the blade with the slide but also pull it back into the handle. It remains tight and safe there – so that you can transport your cutting tool without any problems.

EASY BLADE CHANGING: Changing blades is possible without tools. You press the slider as far as possible to the front with your hand and release the blade in this way. Now you can push it out to the side.

PRACTICAL EYELET: You do not have to do without the eyelet with the SCRAPEX CLEANY. You can just pull a strap through it and hang up the scraper wherever you need it.

FOR RIGHT AND LEFT: The SCRAPEX CLEANY fits into every hand, no matter whether it’s your right or left hand. Because the handle has been shaped in such a balanced way that no type of handling is preferred or neglected.

Product Details

Measurements (L x W x H): 105.5 x 11.5 x 50 mm
Weight product: 35 g

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