Safety Belt Cutter in Emergency for Escape - SOS Cutter 537

SOS Cutter Secumax No. 537

A SAFETY CUTTER FOR AN EMERGENCY: The SECUMAX SOS-CUTTER reliably cuts through any safety belt, whether as a doctor, paramedic, or accident witness. The safety knife is also suitable for cutting through clothing, which in some cases also has to be removed.

  • Practical Eyelet: This cutter is just as much a part of your vehicle as to the first-aid set. Your safety knife has an eyelet for attaching so that it is handy in emergencies.
  • Handy Shape: You can push the cutter comfortably supported by the flat design and the rounded edges.


Product Usage:

Product Usage

Product Details

Knife Size (L x W x H): 124 x 8.5 x 43.5 mm
Main Material: Plastic
Weight: 27.5 g
Cutting Depth: 3.1 mm

Technical Features

Maximum SafetyDisposable KnifeErgonomicFor Right and Left HanderLanyard HolePrintable for Promotional PurposesCutting depth (3mm)

Cutting Materials

FeltFleeceSafety beltTextile, materialVelcro

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