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With its 22 cm long handle and a weight of more than 300 g, the SCRAPEX 5196 is the most powerful scraper in our product range. Use it for effortless removal of stickers, labels and other paper, colour and paint residue on all smooth surfaces. You can work particularly effectively with the 100 mm long blade. Your professional tool will also convince you with a non-slip handle and the built-in safeguard.
•  Durable body made of zinc
•  100mm wide blade
•  22cm long handle
•  Non-slip handle
•  Easy, tool free blade change

Product Details


Knife size (L x W x H) :
Main Material :
Weight :

Technical Features

Anti-slipBasic SafetyBlade RetractableErgonomicFor Right and Left HanderSoft-gripTool-less Blade ChangeVery Abrasion resistantScrapper Width (100 mm)

Cutting Materials

Self-adhesive Label

Installed Blade

Scraper Blade No 96

Length of Blade: 99.5 mm
Width of Blade: 14 mm
Material Thickness: 0.4 mm
Packaging Unit: 10 in a transparent pack (10 transparent packs in a multipack)
Ground Edge: 2-sided ground-edge
Blade Facets: Double bevel edge-ground

Optional Blades

Scrapper Blade No 196

Length of Blade:  99.5 mm
Width of Blade:  14 mm
Material Thickness:  0.4 mm
Packaging Unit:  10 in a transparent pack (10 transparent packs in a multipack)
Refinement/Version:  Non-corrosive blade
Ground Edge:  2-sided ground-edge
Blade Facets:  Double bevel edge-ground

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