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Secumax Trennex No. 62000

The Secumax Trennex is a disposable cutter made of very stable plastic. It’ll efficiently cut an array of different materials but does prefer to work with those of a softer substance. Foam, pipe insulations, perforated film, and coarsely meshed textiles are all materials the Secumax Trennex loves to cut. The tip of its nose is significantly rounded. This prevents hooking and tripping. Minor detail, major effect.

  • Concealed blade for a high level of safety.
  • Protects operator and product simultaneously.
  • Fiberglass reinforced body.
  • The longnose for easy cut initiation.
  • Works well on softer materials like insulation and foam.
  • Disposable, no replacement blade.

Product Details

Knife Size (L x W x H): 75 x 3 x 43.5 mm
Main Material: Plastic
Weight: 6.6 g

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