Industrial Safety Scissor Martor Secumax 363001 by Sauyra

Secumax 363 No. 363001

Industrial safety scissor Secumax 363 delivers extra fine and targeted cuts. It is playfully easy to direct by just using your thumb and forefinger. And just like Martor’s other range of industrial safety scissors, it cuts through the cardboard, paper, film, fabrics, yarn, and strapping band with ease. Your fingers and hand are protected against common cut & laceration injuries by the special way the scissors have been sharpened in addition to the rounded tips to protect the operators.

  • Blunted & rounded tip.
  • Special sharpening design for safety.
  • For use with large hands or while wearing gloves.

Product Details

Scissors Size (L x W x H): 134 x 8 x 65.5 mm
Main Material:  Stainless steel
Weight:  36.8 g

Technical Features

Maximum SafetyFor Right and Left HanderNon-corrosivePrecision CuttingSoft-gripVery ErgonomicCutting Edge Length (56mm)

Cutting Materials

Cardboard: 1-plyLayers of foil or paperPlastic strapping bandTextile, materialWrapping, stretch, and shrink foilYarn, cord

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