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Martor Cutting Mat No. 3001

Martor Cutting Mat No. 3001

Cutting Mat with Self-Healing Capabilities. Do you want to cut without damaging the working surface? No problem.
For cutting paper, card, film, etc. it is best to use a high-quality German Engineered Martor Cutting Mat. The mat is made of three layers: a solid core and two resistant outer surfaces.
It therefore easily tolerates even high-pressure cutting. The cutting mat always remains smooth and enables you to continue working cleanly. An added aid is the printed grids are in cm and inches both which allows you to cut at the required measurements. Cutting Mat 3005 comes with Martor safety technology printed on the mat.

Cutting Mat available in 5 sizes:

  1. Cutting Mat No. 3001 – Size (L x W x H): 870 x 620 x 3 mm
  2. Cutting Mat No. 3002 – Size (L x W x H): 620 x 440 x 3 mm
  3. Cutting Mat No. 3003 – Size (L x W x H): 440 x 320 x 3 mm
  4. Cutting Mat No. 3004 – Size (L x W x H): 320 x 230 x 3 mm
  5. Cutting Mat No. 3005 – Size (L x W x H): 210 x 148 x 3 mm


SELF-HEALING: MARTOR cutting mats are equipped with a self-healing surface. They tolerate cuts from the sharpest MARTOR blades and under the highest pressures and look new again after cutting.

PRINTED GRIDS: Printed grids help you to cut with precision. As an extra, the mat front has a cm-grid and the back an inch-grid. You can choose the grid size you need.

LARGE SELECTION: MARTOR cutting mats are available in five different sizes, from very large to very small. Depending on the task and the working environment, you’ll always find the format you need at Martor.

Product Details

Packaging Unit: 1 in a polybag
Weight of Product: Range from 120 grams to 2,200 grams
Basic Material: Plastic

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