Snap-off Blade Cutter - Argentax Cuttex 9 mm No. 46100

Argentax Cuttex 9 mm No. 46100


Sharp, small, handy – the ARGENTAX CUTTEX 9 MM with a narrow snap-off blade includes all the properties you would expect from a cutter. Ideal for easy cutting of cardboard boxes, cardboard, paper, and adhesive tape. The long, rounded-off handle fits very well in your hand while doing so. You can vary the blade extension as you wish. But, it’s better not to extend the blade out completely when you are cutting.

  • Small, Light, and Handy.
  • Easy Blade Change.
  • The adjustable blade extension can adapt to the cutting conditions of a Cardboard box, cardboard, papers, etc.
  • The Cutter flexibly adapts to the respective conditions with the adjustable blade extension. Just don’t overstress the snap-off blade while doing so.
  • Once your blade is worn out, just break off the segment at the very front. The notch at the end of the handle will help you break it off.
  • Practical Pocket Clip.

Product Details

Knife Size (L x W x H): 144.5 x 13 x 14 mm
Main Material: Plastic
Weight: 13.2 g

Technical Features

Basic SafetyBlade RetractableClipsSafety CapErgonomicFor Right and Left HanderPrintable for Promotional PurposesTool-less Blade ChangeCutting Depth 1 to 6

Cutting Materials

Cardboard: 1-plyCoated filmFleeceLaminated filmLayers of foil or paperTapeWrapping, stretch, and shrink foilYarn, cord

Installed Blade

Snap-off Blade No 76

Length of Blade:  94.5 mm
Width of Blade:  8.9 mm
Material Thickness:  0.4 mm
Packaging Unit: 10 in a safety dispenser (10 safety-dispensers in a multipack)
Ground: 2-sided ground-edge
Blade Facets:  Double bevel edge-ground

Optional Blades

Styropor Blade No 86

Length of Blade: 94.8 mm
Width of Blade: 8.9 mm
Material Thickness: 0.4 mm
Packaging Unit: 10 in a transparent pack (10 transparent packs in a multipack)
Ground Edge: 2-sided ground-edge
Blade Facets: Double bevel edge-ground

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