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SECUMAX 350 NO. 350005

Want to add some excitement to your workday? Give the SECUMAX 350 a try! This versatile tool combines comfort, safety, and fun with its robust blade head. With an innovative blade change system, this knife is a true multitasker. It effortlessly cuts through a wide range of materials, from films to plastic strapping, paper to 2-ply cardboard, and even slices through adhesive tape like a breeze. But that’s not all – it’s designed for comfort, making it so pleasant to hold that you’ll never want to set it down. The SECUMAX 350: where versatility, safety, and a touch of fun meet.


ROBUST BLADE HEAD: The plastic-covered blade head is particularly robust with a blade thickness of 0.5 mm. This SECUMAX 350 can therefore take on especially difficult cutting materials in logistics and production.

CONCEALED BLADE: The blade head’s two cutting edges are safely concealed to protect users and goods and are yet capable of safely cutting 2-ply cardboard boxes and much more.

SPARE BLADE IN STORAGE: Blade change is easily and safely executed. Look for the arrow and follow its lead. Open the blue inner side of the knife to reveal the spare blade while also releasing the locking mechanism of the robust blade head.

LIGHT AND EASY: A cutting heavyweight, but with only 38 grams, this knife is rather lightweight. Meaning that even high-cutting frequencies won’t weigh you down. There’s no need to stress when handling the blade either: a plastic jacket protects your fingers.

ERGONOMICALLY SHAPED: Right-handed or left-handed? It’s really all the same. The SECUMAX 350 fits perfectly in any hand. Gently arched outer edges, coupled with suitably located soft grip and light ribbing make for an ergonomic experience.

Product Details

Knife Size (L x W x H): 152 x 12 x 40 mm
Main Material: Glass fibre-reinforced plastic
Weight: 38 Gram



Installed Blade


Length of blade: 38.9 mm
Width of blade: 23.7 mm
Material thickness: 0.5 mm
Packaging unit: 10 in a box (10 boxes in a multipack)
Blade characteristics: 2-cutting edge blade

Optional Blades

Secumax Blade No 3550

Length of blade: 38.9 mm
Width of blade: 25.8 mm
Material thickness: 0.30 mm
Packaging unit: 10 in a box (10 boxes in a multipack)
Blade characteristics: 2-cutting edge blade

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