Secupro 625 No. 625003

The Secupro 625 is the ultimate safety knife with stainless steel trapezoid blade. It’s easy and safe to use yet durable and features an inch of blade extension. It’s the most versatile safety knife on the market because it works great for light materials up to heavy-duty cuts and everything in between.
• Fully automatic retractable blade for safety.
• Ergonomically friendly trigger mechanism to engage the blade.
• Durable body made of aluminum with soft-touch rubber for grip.
• Safer alternative to fixed blade utility knives for general cutting tasks.
• Easy, tool-free blade change.

Product Details


Knife size (L x W x H): 154 x 22 x 67 mm
Main Material: Aluminium
Weight: 151.0 g

Technical Features

Very High Safety2-times Usable bladeCutting DepthFor Right and Left HanderHeavy-dutyLanyard HoleSafety LockSoft-gripTool-less Blade ChangeVery Abrasion resistantVery ErgonomicCutting Depth (21mm)

Cutting Materials

Bagged goodsCardboard: up to 3-plyCarpetFeltLayers of foil or paperLeatherPlastic strapping bandPVCRubberSlabbing material off a rollTextile, materialWrapping, stretch, and shrink foil

Installed Blade

Hook Blade No 98

Length of blade: 54 mm
Width of blade: 19 mm
Material thickness: 0.63 mm
Packaging unit: 10 in a dispenser (10 dispensers in multipack)
Ground edge: 2-sided ground-edge
Blade facets: Single bevel edge-ground
Characteristics of blade: 2-cutting edge blade

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