2 ply Cardboard Cutter Martor Secunorm Safe Smartcut 110000

Secunorm Smartcut No. 110000

The Smartcut is a disposable safety cutter. Featuring a semi-automatic retractable knife with a spring loaded for cutting general industrial materials like 2-ply cardboard, packaging material, tape, layers of foil & papers, shrink wrap, yarn and cord.

  • Semi-automatic retractable blade for safety.
  • Ergonomically friendly ambidextrous slider mechanism to engage the blade.
  • Durable body made of aluminum.
  • A safer alternative to fixed blade utility knives for general cutting tasks.

Product Details

Knife Size (L x W x H): 110 x 12.5 x 25 mm
Main Material: Plastic
Weight: 17.2 g

Technical Features

High SafetyDisposable KnifeFor Right and Left HanderLanyard HolePrintable for Promotional PurposesVery ErgonomicCutting Depth (12mm)

Cutting Materials

Cardboard: up to 2-plyLayers of foil or paperTapeWrapping, stretch, and shrink foilYarn, cord

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