Cutting envelopes, paper rolls, and film - Secumax Polycut

Secumax Polycut No. 08500012

The Secumax Polycut 08500012 is a versatile plastic disposable knife that is designed to be an all-rounder among cutting tools, Its 3mm cutting depth and card size larger gap between the blade and plastic means it can cut through multiple layers of material such perfect for cutting envelopes, paper rolls, & layers of film The Polycut features a lightweight, ergonomic design that provides a comfortable grip during extended use. The blade is retractable for added safety and can be easily replaced when needed. The Polycut is a reliable cutting tool that is perfect for use in a variety of settings, including offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. The. Furthermore, with its long pointed nose, you are able to cut your way through envelopes, between paper rolls, and through layers of film. Its slender design also enables it to be used in tight spaces.

Available in a pack of 10 ( 08500012.12 ) and in a pack of 100 ( 08500012.16 )



The quality blade is safely embedded between the nose and the handle. So it only cuts what you really want to cut. And there is no risk to your goods while doing so.


The SECUMAX POLYCUT is a disposable knife. Since you do not have to change the blade, neither you nor your staff can come into contact with it. An additional benefit as far as safety is concerned.


Why the extra long and pointed nose in the SECUMAX POLYCUT? Because you can place it particularly well in the spaces in between. The cutting material is also led to the blade in a much more reliable way.


The SECUMAX POLYCUT is small, light and handy. So handy that you can gladly work longer with it. It doesn’t matter whether you are right or left-handed, because this cutting tool always fits.


You won’t misplace the SECUMAX POLYCUT so easily. The safety knife is equipped with an eyelet so it can be kept in an easy to find place.

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Product Details

Knife Size (L x W x H): 76.1 x 3 x 45.1 mm
Basic Material: Plastic
Weight: 6.6 g
Cutting Depth: 3 mm
GS-Certificate: 603847-6480-55094-2018

Technical Features

Maximum SafetyDisposable KnifeErgonomicFor Right and Left HanderLanyard HolePrintable for Promotional PurposesCutting depth (3mm)

Cutting Materials

EnvelopeLayers of foil or paperTapeWrapping, stretch, and shrink foilYarn, cord

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