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Range of Disposable Safety Cutters in India

What is a Disposable Safety Cutter?

Disposable knives are those which have a limited life and an unchangeable blade in it. The blades of disposable cutters are as sharp as the blade-changeable cutters. However, once a disposable knife is used, it needs to be discarded.

Features of Disposable Safety Cutters

1. It provides the maximum level of safety to the users & goods.

2. No fear of cut injuries while changing the blade, as the cutters are disposable.

3. Some of the disposable cutters offer a stainless steel blade that fights against rust.

4. It has an ergonomic handle.

5. An auto-retractable blade feature is available.

6. The safety cutters are GS & TUV certified.

Cutting Material of Disposable Safety Cutters

1. This disposable safety cutters can cut 1 ply & 2 ply-cardboard.

2. Provides smooth operation while cutting wrapping material and shrink foil.

3. Some of the safety cutters can be used as scraper to remove adhesive tape or labels, to cut tape & laminated film.

4. Easily cuts plastic strapping band.

5. Can best used to cut sack bags & bagged goods.

6. Smoothly cuts the layers of foil or paper.

7. Suitable for textile material, yarn & many more.

Other Martor Products

Experience design at scale with Safety

Saurya in association with Martor brings forward a range of Safety Knives & Cutters to you, which does Intelligent, Injury Free and Safe Cutting at your workplace for the safety of your workforce. These cutters ensure your safety, while you focus on the job.


Accessories contribute to active workplace safety:
Such as Holsters for keeping cutters at safe distance while you move from one place to another during work and robust containers for blade disposal.


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