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Chemical Protection Clothing

Protective Coveralls Against Chemical Hazards

A range of protective coveralls against liquid and dry chemical hazmat. Complied with CE certifications, they shield against Type 3, 4, 5 and 6. Also available with booties they come readily in FR. The clothing can be used in industries like Automotive, Electronic Industries, Pharmaceutical (Cleanrooms), Petrochemical, Metal welding, Metal Polishing, Railway, Metal Polishing, Mining, Asbestos Removal, Waste Cleaning, Painting & many more.

Product Range

With over 25 years of experience in coverall industry, our quality system is assessed, monitored and certified by SGS UK (notified body CE0120) and fully meets the requirement of PPE Directive 89/686/EEC (Article 11B) (will be called module D2 under new regulation 2016/425). Ultitec, is manufactured under rigorous quality standard and strictly follows the European Norm specified in Category III of the Personal Protective Equipment directive for chemical protective clothing.

Saurya selection chart by type of risk chemical protective clothing

Comfortable Design for Users

Ergonomic Design:

3-piece hood with elastic and zipper fastened to the underside of the chin perfectly embraces facial contours and head shape. It enables hood to stay well fitted, while wearing respirators and goggles. Fully elasticated waist, ankles and elasticated wrists (special design for ULTITEC 500 to ULTITEC 3000T) are suitable for most body shapes. It gives the workers more convenience while moving.

Sealed Fit for Safety:

Specially designed for Ultitec 4000 & 5000. Additional, chin strap is used for covering non-symmetrical brim elastic, to create a more effective fit to most facial contours. All sewn seams are further secured by covering them with chemical proof tape.

Freedom of Movement:

Ample crotch design provides more room for movement and reduces pressure while squatting or crawling.

Latex Free Elastic:

All non-latex elastics are sewn outside the cuff, to avoid skin allergy.

CE Standards & Fabric Breathability Test

Ultitec CE Standards for Protective Clothing

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