Ultitec 3000T - Protective clothing against chemicals, oil & infective agents

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These chemical protection coveralls suits are made of a liquid – proof fabric which is comfortable and breathable with sealed tapes. It is an excellent barrier to pressurized liquid spray.

Ultitec 3000T Chemical Protection Disposable Coverall by Saurya Safety


The coverall’s microporous fabric acts as an excellent barrier against a wide range of chemical liquids, blood, body-fluid and infective agents and fully meets EN 368, ASTM F1670 & EN 14126 Standards. The performance also exceeds both WHO protective clothing specification option 1 & 2 for Ebola infection control.

Suits protect against pesticides: Complies and meets the standard of DIN 32781- which states the requirement of both- protection and comfort in agriculture application.

Breathability & Comfort: The quality of the fabric allows water-vapour transmission, thereby offering breathability in the suit to keep the wearer at comfort.

Low Lint: This quality of the fabric reduces the risk of fibre contamination to the work environment.

Seams are sealed: The seams of the suit are covered by a liquid-proof tape to make sure that there is no seepage.

Certifications: The coverall gives protection level to Type 4-B, 5-B, 6-B and certified with EN 1149-5, EN 1073-2, EN 14126 and DIN-32781.

The coverall is also available with booties to provide extra protection.

Note: The WHO recommended specification for coveralls against filovirus disease issued in Oct, 2014 stated that healthcare workers should choose appropriate protective apparel, which meets the following two requirements:

Option 1, tested for resistance to blood and body fluid penetration: meets or exceeds ISO 16603 class 3 exposure pressure
Option 2, tested for resistance to blood-borne pathogen penetration; meets or exceeds ISO 16604 class 2 exposure pressure

Product Details

Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Seam Construction

Ultitec 3000T comes with four thread overlocked seam & liquid-proof tape

● 273 to 351 stitches per metre
● Thick thread fibre is used that is above 150 D
● Bite depth is 0.4 cm

Fabric Construction

Microporous Film laminate PPSB fabric used in Ultitec 3000T

● MVTR is above 5000 gsm / 24hr (ASTM E96 BW)
● Hydro-head is above 2000 mm-H2O (ISO 81)

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