CorrosionMaster Extension Ladder Fibre Glass Safety Ladder

CorrosionMaster Extension Ladder

Branach’s range of fibreglass extension ladders provides unparalleled safety, comfort, and durability for workers at height. With a focus on innovation, Branach truly has the right ladder for your job.


  • Fibreglass stiles and rungs
  • Electrically safe
  • Lightweight and easy to position
  • Outstanding durability
  • Dramatic reduction in sway and twist
  • All-weather resistant
  • Swivel foot maximizes grip on uneven ground
  • Australian made and owned
MODELClosed HeightExtended HeightWeightLoad Rating 
FEF 3.42.4m3.4m13.0kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FEF 4.02.7m4.0m15.2kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FEF 5.23.3m5.2m18.3kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FEF 6.44.0m6.4m21.4kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FEF 7.64.6m7.6m27.7kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FEF 8.85.2m8.8m31.2kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FEF 9.45.8m9.4m32.9kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FEF 9.85.8m9.8m32.9kg120kgTechnical Data Sheet

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