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Workforce Safety = Increase in Production

Need of Protective Safe gloves

As a Pradhan Rakshak, it is our primary duty to give our workforce the basic protection that they need during work and to enable them with the latest technology. Upgrading them with right gloves, will make sure their hands are safe while working in HAZMAT conditions.

There is an exponential growth in the safety industry, so let’s ensure that our workers are not left behind and can reap the benefits too.

We Solve Real Problems

Why do we claim it?

Microfinish technology towa gloves

The unique MicroFinish technology makes Towa the ultimate best in a product series of protective gloves – It comes with ultimate coating technology that provides unparalleled grip performance for dry material handling, wet material handling, rough applications, or even oily material handling applications. Gloves that Towa brings to you are cut resistant as well as impact resistant.

Experience the Safety with MicroFinish® Technology in Protective Gloves

Comparison table of MicroFinish gloves with other major gloves used in a test under both dry and oily conditions

MicroFinish Technology Towa Protective Gloves Test

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